Welcome at the Oyster Rifle Club!

The Oyster Rifle Club is a shooting club, based in Kent in the UK.

Membership is by invitation only.
You can not register for this website.

Upcoming range dates:

    • Sunday 16th January - 08:30 / 12:30 - Lydd Serial 65, 900m - no HME - max 20 attendees
    • Sunday 6th Febuary - all day - Hythe Serial 10, 600m - no HME
    • Saturday 26th Febuary - all day - Lydd Serial 45, 1100m - no HME - max 17 attendees
Provisionally booked dates:
  • Saturday 19th March - all day - Hythe Serial 10, 600m - no HME
  • Saturday 16th April - all day - Hythe Serial 10, 600m - no HME
  • Saturday 30th April - all day - Hythe Serial 01, 300 yards - no HME

COVID restriction will be in place. And these Government ‘Covid’ restrictions will donate how the day is run. Although 30 is allowed the ‘groups of six' will apply where possible. So once these groups of six are established we will try to keep these going through out the days shoot.

It may be that the same two groups will go to the butts at a time while the rest shoot, then swop over as usual, but one group may be split to reduce crowding in the butts. Alternative target frames will be used. (full explanations in the safety brief)

The safe distancing 2mts will apply at all time unless Government policy’s have changed.

Temperatures will be taken at the brief. Masks and sanitisers.... Please bring your own ‘preferred’ type

However we will have quantities sanitiser for use at the Butts and New masks in the club equipment box.

Lastly, NO sharing of equipment unless you are in the same ‘bubble”.

Medical records

If your doctor is charging an extortionate amount for your medical report, try this method.

Fill this letter in (click on the link 'download the letter' just below this line), send it to your doctor who has to comply with your request at no charge.

download the letter

see below for instructions

Depending on your surgery, you may also need to fill out their own form and provide ID.

You can then contact an independent Doctor via the following link https://firearmsmedicalreports.co.uk


Name: Dr Ian McKenzie

Address: Pencester Surgery, 10 Pencester Road, Dover, CT15 7BX

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: 07733 001341

At time of writing the charge is £50 (5 March 2020)

Hopefully, by the time you need to renew your own certificates, they would have done away with this bunkum!


Downloading the file:

After you click on the link a new page will be opened with the form/letter showing on the new page. You should download the form/letter to your computer.

You can find the button for downloading the file in the upper right corner of the browser. Depending on your browser it will look something like this:


 Google Chrome


Microsoft Edge


You can now fill out the form, save it and print it.

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